Photography Career Tree

  1. Which photography related career(s) are you most interested in? – real estate photographer
  2. After doing some research on the career, what are some of the job responsibilities? – Staging houses, offices and other properties for photos, Planning a shot list of images to take, Photographing interior and exterior of property buildings, Positioning lighting as needed, Preparing equipment for sessions, including charging batteries, packing camera bag and clearing SD card, Capturing high resolution images of properties for online listings and other marketing materials, Taking photographs of interiors and exteriors of homes or businesses in order to promote them for sale or rent, Shooting photography and videography needed for a home starting from pre-production including lighting the house to post-production including editing the imagery to put in the listing, Having an eye for good composition as well as empathetic communication skills with talent and staff.
  3. What is the basic salary (in the location you would like to live in)? – $60,250
  4. What interests you about this field? – I like to take pretty pictures, and I like to organize so I think I would be a perfect candidate for this field
  5. What education and skills would you need to get a good job in the field?- studio photography

Camera Modes

Automatic mode or auto mode adjusts the camera setting to its best judgement, to capture the best picture possible. Portrait mode will automatically select a larger aperture, keeping the background out of focus, leaving the subject as the main character. Macro mode focuses on distance, having a small depth of field, and can capture small objects. Landscape mode captures the entire scene and points of interest with a small aperture. Sports mode photography captures fast moving subjects clearly with action mode. Night mode or slow shutter sync is for shooting in low light situations, setting the camera with a long shutter speed, helping it capture the details of the background and to illuminate the foreground. Movie mode captures still images and moving ones.

Studio Portraits

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National Geographic Magazine Cover Review

National Geographic 800
I like this National Geographic magazine cover because it shows the city I grew up in. I like the image shown, it’s really pretty and I like the title “California’s City of the Angels”.
National Geographic 820
This magazine cover depicts a speech given by court representatives and I find it very interesting as I like history. The globe makes me infer they are discussing global issues which intrigues me.
National Geographic 835
I find this magazine cover intriguing because it portrays Winston Churchill who was a vital figure for Britain during WW2. I find it funny how he is throwing up the peace sign which I believe he might be advocating for peace during that time period of war.

100 Most Influential Images of All Time

    1. This rigorous and death challenging job tested these men’s ability to focus and keep balance while building the Rockefeller Center. This image was taken as part of a promotional campaign to symbolize American resilience and ambition at a time where it was needed the most. It also showed to what ends citizens would go to modernized and urbanize their nation. I like this picture as it shows the hard work these men were willing to endure, and also because we studied this picture in my history class during summer school.
    2. Falling Man is a widely recognized image taken when one of the twin towers was at the verge of collapsing. This image speaks volume and shows the individuality and hopelessness the people inside the towers faced. It shows how in the face of adversity, fast thinking was the only way to have a chance of survival. This picture intrigues me a lot as I wonder what could have been going through the mind of this man as he jumped off one of the higher floors of the twin tower.
    3. June 6, 1944, or D-Day occurred in World War II on which Allied forces invaded northern France by means of beach landings in Normandy. Most of the soldiers died this day as the only way to survive was going through the water where they either drowned immediately due to the weight of the items they carried, got shot or persevered and survived. This image is unique and eye catching as this photographer shot these images while enemy forces were shooting bullets, canons and rifles. It shows the harsh reality and the conditions our soldier went through to seek peace and stability for our nation.

Travel Poster


One of my goals is to have to opportunity to travel to France. It is a beautiful country with pretty views. The culture and gastronomy and ambient is something I want to experience. I’m currently taking a French class through Chaffey college to get a glimpse of what to expect in France.

White Balance

White balance is the key to obtaining natural, eye-pleasing photo. It balances the setting and colors in the image to create a natural looking image. White balance is obtained by removing/neutralizing color casts in the image. Color temperature and contrast can be adjust and created through this.

To obtain white balance you need to select the WB section, click the eyedropper and make the image neutral gray.